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Importance of Transport in Tourism Industry

Transport refers to the movement of people or goods from one place to another. In tourism, transport plays the biggest role of moving tourists from one place to another to see attractions. With transport, tourists are able to move from place to place aiming at viewing a variety of att
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Numbers of Tourists to Uganda National Parks Increase by 17.5%

According to by the Uganda Wildlife Authority research and marketing officer, the number of visiting Uganda’s tourist attractions has increased by 17.5% which is said to be the highest increase ever since the creation of Uganda Wildlife Authority two decades back. These protected regi
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Another type of Chimpanzee discover in war-torn Africa

A big population of rare and large chimpanzees has been found in war torn Africa. As per researchers, these uncommon chimps are said to be nourishing on leopards and big snails which is not like the usual chimpanzees that feeds on fruits. This mega culture was discovered in the heart
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