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Another type of Chimpanzee discover in war-torn Africa

leopard-eating-chimpanzeesA big population of rare and large chimpanzees has been found in war torn Africa. As per researchers, these uncommon chimps are said to be nourishing on leopards and big snails which is not like the usual chimpanzees that feeds on fruits. This mega culture was discovered in the heart of the Bili-Uele forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by researchers, who trekked several miles avoiding armed police and militia to get there.

Researchers were shocked to see this type of chimpanzees feeding on leopards and big African snails, whose shells they pound open on rocks. According to a primatologist, this is believed to be one of the few destinations left on Earth with a big continuous population of chimps with special customs and conduct across the vast area of 19,000sq. During day, males are seen their territory and mothers teach their young ones how use tools to eat swarming insects.

However other forest inhabitants including forest elephants, olive baboons, spotted hyena and red river and giant forest hogs, crested guinea fowl and aardvark but no human was interfered with making the place remain the untouched wild in Africa!